Impacts of Climate Change on São Paulo, Brazil.

September 3, 2017

Climate change is modifying the pattern of rainfall in Brazil. This is the indication of a new research that points to an average increase in both the volume of water and the average number of days in which it rains in São Paulo region. The work was done with more than 70 years of meteorological data. An interesting way to understand climate change is to think about an anabolic steroid climate. We are seeing worldwide the increase in the frequency of extreme events. In addition, the physical impacts of a 8.000 km² build-up metropolitan area such as São Paulo create conditions for the formation of heat islands and sudden storms. The result is massive flooding with huge infrastructure damages and also the loss of human lives. Is there a way to mitigate this scenario? How can São Paulo be resilient to climate change? Share your opinion with us and get ready for the upcoming discussions of COP23 @UNFCCC


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April 1, 2018

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