Disaster Risk Prevention and Preparedness through Context Specific Urban Planning needed? Houston, Texas, USA.

September 26, 2017

With climate change hurricanes like Harvey are likely to increase in their frequency and extent. Interestingly, Sam Brody a Professor at Texas A&M University in a recently released article on CNN on the floods in Houston after Hurricane Harvey passed, claims that more (urban) planning could have significantly reduced the impact of the hurricane. The article highlights that poor urban design, land use zoning, limited planning and design rules and regulations significantly contributed to the extend of the flood and its destruction.


Obviously urban planning could not have prevent the heavy rainfalls which Hurricane Harvey brought along, nevertheless with better urban planning problems could have been better anticipated and prepared for. Therefore, we as planners should advocate more for better disaster risk prevention and preparedness through adequate context specific urban planning especially in the light of climate change. What is your take on the Houston example?


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