Housing a major problem in rapidly growing Dhaka City, Bangladesh.

October 27, 2017

Housing remains one of the major problems in rapidly growing Dhaka city. The causes of the problem are that the housing supply and its affordability cannot cope with the ever-increasing demand with the increase of the city's population. Although the national housing policy sets direction for the housing sector, a need based approach to tackle the housing crisis and capacity of related public agencies are lacking, buildable land is scarce, and control over real estate developers is weak. This has created obstacles to follow the policy guidelines. About 3.5 million low income people are living in 4000 slums and squatters in Dhaka city. With regard to affordability, only 4.9% lower middle income group people can afford housing for their own. The remaining 95% lower middle income group people are under severe stress to manage their shelter. This scenario is almost similar to the middle income group people as well. According to the Dhaka Structure Plan 2016 – 2035, the city population will be 26 Million by the year 2035.


The question is - How will Dhaka address this housing crisis in coming years?


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