The Urban Environment - The Heart of Civilization, Tehran, Iran.

November 4, 2017

Art in urban space is one of the interdisciplinary subjects, a topic in various disciplines and trends such as architecture, sculpture, urban furniture, urban design and graphics. Since the urban environment is the heart of civilization. Its representation reflects the culture, aesthetics, and attitude of the ruling community, which during the time represents the civilization and the identity of the faithful living in it. Also, the cultural, economic, social criteria of a social organization in a country, and in the city in general, determine the appearance of the city and, in particular, urban design and their identity. Art in urban space requires the use of urban design knowledge along with graphic art, sculpture, Architecture and so on. Art in urban space contains a kind of visual and situational language with an indistinct instruction and an ever-expanding alphabet. Art as an innovative aspect can be injected into urban design to intensify the visual qualities of communication, and art in urban can reflect the identity of urban space. The goal of art in urban space exceeds the 2-D level and includes areas such as light, movement, volume, and implementation, and when it comes to space and volume, areas such as architecture, as well as Urban design can be verified.


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April 1, 2018

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