Land for People. Not for Profit. Cape Town, South Africa.

February 20, 2018

Reclaim the City is a Cape Town based activist group of low-income workers, poor tenants,domestic workers and students fighting for the end of spatial apartheid in their city and the provision of inner-city affordable housing.Apartheid spatial planning – which worked to limit key rights such as residence, land use and services for ‘non-whites’still affects the everyday life of Capetonians. Every morning, thousands of poor black African and Colored people commute to and around Cape Town’s inner-city.


The inner-city and formerly wealthy ‘whites-only’ suburbs still remain ‘exclusive’ and exclude poor people from accessing housing near their places of work. Families who cannot afford increases in rents are evicted and removed to the Cape Flats and peripheral suburbs.The Tafelberg building in Sea Point, with its close proximity to the Waterfront and the inner-city,was a whites-only zone during apartheid, like much of central Cape Town. Reclaim the City has tirelessly fought to #StopTheSale of Tafelberg- earmarked for social housing but sold to a privates chool.

In response to Reclaim the City, 270 social housing units were found feasible on the site.The victory was a substantial step in progressing towards the first affordable housing units in theinner-city since the end of apartheid.Reclaim the City is advocating for sites throughout Cape Town.

Check out their Facebook site: ReclaimtheCity


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April 1, 2018

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