Technology connecting people interested in cycling the city. Brazil.

March 6, 2018

Have you ever thought about moving around your city by bicycle but didn't know how to start?

The Bike Anjo (Bike Angel) movement started as an online platform that connects people interested to go to work by bicycle in the main cities of Brazil. It is a collaborative project where you can either sign in asking for an "Bike Angel" to help you overcome the messy and dangerous traffic of your city by bicycle, or offer to be the Angel yourself -- all without costs. The Angel will lead you to go to work or do the main activities of your day by bicycle, giving the best route recommendations, traffic monitoring, tips and more. From the moment you receive help you can engage others to do the same and transform your city.


The online platform became so successful that now organizes common free events, such as night tours for people that are interested on going with their bicycle at night (and are too afraid of doing so alone), and bicycle riding lessons for all ages on Sundays afternoons. This initiative is an example of transformation that communication technology can bring to the city: to connect people that share a common goal, and mutually help each other to achieve it.


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April 1, 2018

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