Mi Teleférico - First urban transit network to use cable cars as primary transport mode. El Alto/ La Paz. Bolivia.

March 14, 2018

The Twin Cities La Paz and El Alto are divided by an altitude difference of 400 meters. In the past the cities were mainly connected through buses which took around 30 minutes to commute between them. However, La Paz and El Alto suffered from tense traffic due to small road sizes and dense building structures. With the construction of the Phase one of Mi Teleférico in 2014 the aerial cable car system introduced between the two cities was already the longest in the world. The system got expanded in 2017 and is now in total 17,3 km long but is not finalised yet as the system is planned to be 33,8 km long, divided in 11 different lines and 39 stations. While other urban transit cable cars like Medellín's Metrocable complement existing rapid transit systems, Mi Teleférico is the first urban transit network to use cable cars as the primary mode of transportation. By using this system, the metropolitan area not only reduces street traffic, noise pollution, accidents and negative environmental effects It was possible to reduce ticket cost, travelling time and to manage growing user demand. Mi Teleférico can be considered as a good alternative to expensive underground systems and a role model for other congested cities.


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 Picture rights reserved by David Loddo

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April 1, 2018

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