Disaster Risk Prevention and Preparedness through Technology. Curitiba, Brazil.

March 21, 2018

Curitiba, as well as all cities in the state of Paraná, have an SMS (text) system that alerts when possible natural and catastrophic events, such as storms, winds, storms, are approaching, giving people some time to prevent disasters or prepare for possible risks.


Coordinated by the civil defense of Paraná along with the state meteorological system (SIMEPAR), the REDESASTRE captures weather information, sends the data to the mobile telephone exchange, which triggers alerts on cell phones registered. The alert is valid for 3 hours. The service is free of charge and to register you just have to send a message with the postal code.


It has been helpful in alerting people to the potential damage and natural disasters, making them seek shelter, avoid leaving home or the office, and take care, even more, when driving. It is the technology helping people in the climate change era and also contributing to making the cities more intelligent and sustainable.


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April 1, 2018

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