Urban acupuncture - using small-scale interventions to transform the larger urban context. Sao Paulo, Bazil.

April 8, 2018

Urban acupuncture is a socio-environmental theory that uses small-scale interventions to transform the larger urban context. Sites are selected and developed through a dialogue between designers and the community. In Brazil, the “Acupuntura Urbana” movement promotes the 3P partnerships (Public, Private and Population) to implement small scale projects demanded by the community and sponsored by local companies. The Red-Bull-DIY skateboard park in São Paulo is an example of this project. In a series of meetings and workshops, the community is invited to co-create and transform a public space or a representative location of its territory. The premise of this work is that every community already has the potential it needs to make its transformation happen. The mobilization and outcome of the action involve people of all ages and different tribes in the realization of a collective dream.


#cityexplorations #urbanmovements #urbanactivism #urbanlife #city#citylife #urbanacupuncture #PPP #urbanism 

#cityplanning #saopaulo #brazil #latinamentica

Images by http://acupunturaurbana.com.br/servicos/acuponto/







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April 1, 2018

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