My Porto Alegre Movement. Porto Alegre, Brazil.

April 13, 2018

The My Porto Alegre movement is formed by people who believe in the power of community participation to build a better city. They advocate that a better world starts with local initiatives - such as the realization of communal food gardens in the urban environment. Together with the Downtown Collective Gardens Association, they articulate residents and visitors from the central region of Porto Alegre for the development of collective agriculture spaces in an urban environment. They map long-term vacant and deteriorated public land available in the city downtown, develop plans to implement a garden on it, and pressure the local government to give away the land use rights to the community. The movement even provides an online platform which assists citizens to direct email their representatives at the city council, pressuring them to allow the project came true. The association works on a voluntary basis. This practice not only contributes to the promotion of health and environmental education, but also creates a space of exchange between neighbors.


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Images by @hortaurbanapoa


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April 1, 2018

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