Collective behavior - Iloilo, Philippines.

April 30, 2018

Collective behavior is a non-institutional activity in which several people voluntarily engage. Under collective behavior are several forms -- the crowd, the mass, the public and the social movements. Under 'crowd' are many types, including 'conventional crowds' which are composed of people who come together for a scheduled event. others are either more organized or requries larger membership.

Such the same happened in Iloilo City, 2 years back, when a crowd of 200 members of more or less 15 cycling organizations came together to do a massive mangrove planting activity along the denuded riverbanks, post-construction of the Esplanade, a well-known promenade in the City. Individually, the members may not come to Esplanade to plant mangroves on their own, and they may have varied reasons for joining the activity but nonetheless, they knew they were there to plant mangroves, and plant, they did.


It may have taken two years to the see the benefits of the collective effort, and longer maybe to fully reap the benefits of greening the city, but it is something worth waiting for.

All photos by Eric Barbosa, Jr./


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April 1, 2018

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