No Tav grassroot movement. Piedmont, Italy

April 19, 2018

No Tav is a grassroot movement born in the 90’s and based in Piedmont (Italy). The movement was born in opposition to the proposed high-speed railway that is going to connect Turin and Lyon. Works were supposed to begin during the second half of the Nineties, but protests and bureaucratic issues led to a significant slowdown: after 27 years not so much has been constructed, both on the French and Italian side. No Tav seems to be part of a new wave of urban movements that are rising all over the world as consequences of an increasing globalization. European and national top-down decisions have produced the reaction of locals and residents worried about the environment and the future of their region. The movement is still active and has been the promoter of several protests in the most diverse forms: cultural and music festivals, marches, conferences, exhibitions. Regardless of political views about the specific issue, No Tav is a demonstration of how a local movement can rise the attention of institutions and becoming a significant actor in the territorial development. Echoing a famous Patti Smith song: “we can turn the world around, we can turn the earth's revolution, we have the power. People have the power …”


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April 1, 2018

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